Things I Love (Nov 2015)

November 29, 2015

homespun capers spring soba

I’m starting this little monthly series so I can share some great products, articles, recipes and music that I find throughout the month. Sometimes I find things I think will be of interest to some of my readers, but I’m not sure whether it’d be best to share them via social media. So this is my way of sharing a collection of things I love for those interested!

This plant-based condensed milk recipe, and this that you can make with it!

This plant-based dulce de leche recipe (!)

This film clip from this record

This product – the best I’ve used so far

This fashion collection

Loving this book

These earrings and this cup

These articles here and here

I’d love to eat here

This breakfast recipe

Looking forward to stone fruit and cherries next month for this recipe

This song and this song

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